The Digital Product Manager

An Introduction to the Role of the Digital Product manager

I just released a guide to managing digital products. The Digital Product Manager can play many roles. In the Enterprise environment, the Product Manager will coordinate a team of people who perform various roles. In an SMB environment, the product Manager will have to do almost everything. The product manager does not supervise anyone. The product manager facilitates the Go-To-Market process. No matter what environment you work in, the guide I wrote will help you understand the Product Management process.


As you can imagine, there are many different types of products, and the guide will focus on just one type: The Digital Product. This can be a knowledge product sold from a website, a SaaS product delivered through the internet, or a standalone software package that installs onto a computer not under the manager’s control. Each topic I discuss in this guide requires its own guide or even a complete training session, so everything is kept brief and just introduces the required concepts, and gives you enough information to launch your own product, and know where to find more information.


This guide introduces the field of Digital product Management and provides you some insight into the knowledge I have gained from over 23 years of product management experience I have. Included are lists of research I have done and models of documents I have used.


Follow this link to obtain your free copy of this 38 page document. If you have any questions, contact us through the website  or email